Hope South Teacher Grant Winners

Congratulations to our Hope South Teacher Grant Winners!

Jennifer Smith of Westwood Elementary was awarded $1000.  She is planning to use the money for a fall family "camp out" one evening for parents and students to enjoy.  She will have rotation stations for each academic and special area, such as hotdogs and s'mores, books (reading), games (Math), experiments (Science), storytelling (History) creativity (Art), and campfire songs (Music).  

Emily Busby of Diamond Hill Elementary was awarded $500.  She plans to use the money to ignite the passion of future scientists by purchasing microscopes and weather prediction tools.  She hopes to provide hands on learning that could change a child's life. 

Renee McCaslan of Wright Middle was awarded $500.  Her plans are to create a Radar Gun Lab.  Experiments conducted using Radar Guns will help students get excited about using formulas for calculating distance. This activity will cover several science standards.

Faye Crocker of HopeSouth Credit Union was very pleased to be able to offer grant opportunities for Abbeville County School District Teachers.  Since 2008, HopeSouth has invested over $139,000 into the education system of Abbeville County.