Shaping and preparing every student by offering sustainable programs that generate opportunities for success.


  • In providing differentiated instructions and learning opportunities for students

  • In a safe, secure, and inspiring learning environment

  • Our programs strengthen student success in:

    • Academics through reading, math, and science readiness skills

    • Technological advancement through computer training, health science, robotics, and engineering

    • Workforce readiness through school to work activities

  • Preparing students for success today shapes outcomes for tomorrow

  • Educating students to excel through skill attainment helps strengthen character


The primary mission of Abbeville County Career Center is to play a major role in the preparation and success of our young people in the technical, business, industrial, and educational world by providing opportunities for success through academics and skill attainment.


The goal of Abbeville County Career Center is to prepare students in Abbeville County for the future by strengthening their academic, technological advancement, and workforce skills. These goals reflect our commitment to:

  • Increase the graduation rate of students who attend the Career Center.

  • Create more opportunities for work placement with business and industry.

  • Provide more rigor to support career and college readiness standards in reading, math, and science.

  • Develop good work habits and an understanding of safety in the workplace.

  • Promote job readiness and post-secondary technical and academic opportunities.